Wicket in Action

Bonus chapter: Setting up a Wicket application available

18 September 2008, by dashorst

Readers of the early access edition might have noticed that chapter 3 from their first PDF downloads has gone missing from the final manuscript. We needed to cut down on the number of pages and this was a chapter we thought not to be crucial to the book so we decided to remove it from the manuscript. This saved roughly 25 pages and kept the book under the magical 400 page limit (our original contract stated 350 pages - 50 pages).

Most developers have already some knowledge of setting up a project, and already know how to work with Apache Ant and Maven. The added value to the book when we should"ve included the chapter would not be great. But the chapter is important for first time web developers and new comers to Java development.

Instead of throwing away the chapter we updated it to the latest code examples and made the chapter available online as a free bonus chapter available to everyone. Everyone? Yes, even if you haven"t bought the book, you can download it without strings attached. We are happy to provide this chapter as a service to the community and give more insight into our book (the rest of the book is even better!)

What are you waiting for? Go and and set up your Wicket application!