Wicket in Action

Wicket is good for startups

10 October 2008, by dashorst

The 50 fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands is a competition where the relative revenue growth over the last 5 years are taken into account and companies ranked accordingly.

In 2004 my company (Topicus) was number 1, even above tomtom. Even after 4 years we are still in the top 50 of fastest growing companies in the Netherlands and can now use the title of "Sustainable Grower". This is a great testatement to the management and employees of Topicus.

Even though this is something special, I'd like to point out that at least 4 companies in the fast 50 are using Wicket in their day to day business: Topicus, Servoy (#8 in the top 50, congratulations!), Xebia and Hippo. In my not so humble opinion, using Wicket gives them a competitive advantage. The fact that Topicus is the Sustainable Grower (Topicus is a long time supporter and contributor to Wicket) provides ample evidence.

Long story short: Wicket is good for our companies, why don't you use it yet?