Wicket in Action

Øredev Wicket presentation well received!

23 December 2008, by dashorst

Last November I attended the Øredev conference in Malmö and was given the opportunity to present Wicket to a (mostly) Scandinavian audience. Øredev is different from all other conferences I"ve attended because it has different tracks other than web and Java. There was a Cool languages track, a Domain Driven Design track, a .Net track, a Mobile track and of course a Java track.

I delivered a newer version of the introduction to Wicket presentation and the audience gave me a 4.22 rating (52x5 points, 33x3 and 0x1 points). Øredev will publish recorded videos of the sessions at a later time (I"m anxiously awaiting at least 2 presentations) so you can see my performance yourself. In the mean time you can take a look at the slides on slideshare (you"ll have to imagine my voice for now) or watch them inline below.

View SlideShare presentation. (tags: web framework)