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Monitoring your app with a rabid rabbit

27 March 2009, by dashorst

In my talk for the Wicket Meetup in Amsterdam last tuesday, I showed a WiFi Rabbit called Nabaztag. This rabbit is used in our company to monitor our applications, build server and issue tracker.

[caption id="attachment_367" align="alignnone" width="423" caption="Nabaztag dressed up for Halloween as a vampire"]Nabaztag dressed up for Halloween as a vampire[/caption]

The rabbit maintains a connection through Wifi with a bunch of servers in France. These servers provide all communication to your rabbit: text-to-speech, MP3, weather reports and internet radio. Letting your rabbit talk is as simple as sending a http request to the central servers. Violet has published the API"s where you can rotate the ears, change the led colors and perform text-to-speech in different voices and languages.

The text-to-speech is really nice, but at times the sounds produced are surprising. Whenever a server goes down, our rabbit(s) start yelling. When a server is slow for our users, the rabbits start protesting. When issues are put in our bug tracker, the rabbit announces the issue, and title. When a build fails, the rabbit shouts in anger at us (but in a very polite, british accent with the voice of mrmuggles). There is a nabaztag plugin for Hudson making it easy to setup the rabbit and build notifications.

You can buy these rabbits for your company, and I promised to put a link to where you can shop for them. Probably at this moment, the Amazon shop is the cheapest option, but you have to have patience if you are in Europe.