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Wicket Training at ApacheCon US 2009

07 July 2009, by jrthomerson

I am very happy to announce that there will be a one day training course at the 2009 ApacheCon conference in Oakland, CA (USA).   Before I tell you more about it, consider the following "top ten" list:

Top Ten Reasons You Should Attend ApacheCon US 2009:
10: Hacking is encouraged at the Apache Hackathon two day event.
9: Free beer! http://wiki.apache.org/apachecon/ApacheConUS2009Program
8: Meet members of your favorite projects (i.e. me last year getting Martijn to sign my copy of Wicket in Action: see Martijn signing my book)
7: Free two day BarCamp
6: Free meetups three nights of the week
5: It's always a good time to visit California: http://oaklandcvb.com/
4: Support the tenth anniversary of the Apache Software Foundation and the many other great projects that will be there.
3: Did I mention FREE BEER?
2: Two attendees in the class will receive FREE copies of Wicket in Action
1: WICKET TRAINING! (more info)

More details will be coming soon, but if you are looking to get your feet wet with Wicket, you should certainly start making plans now to attend the 2009 US ApacheCon, and the Wicket training class that will be held.  Those who register early get discounts, too!

The class will consist of fast-moving explanations of core design principles, Wicket components, and "The Wicket Way", and each section will be followed by a coding practice where you can put into use what you just learned.  We will focus on laying a foundation - how to use Wicket, create pages, organize your application, and create a Wicket application.

We will cover the following:
- The fundamentals of Wicket
- Handling data / working with objects and models
- Standard components provided by framework
- Containers / Application / Session / Page
- Effective code reuse strategies

ApacheCon site: http://www.us.apachecon.com

November 2-6, 2009 in Oakland, CA.  Classes will be held on Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday through Friday will be for the conference sessions.  The Wicket class will be held on Tuesday.

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