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The future of Wicket Security: WASP/SWARM

17 September 2010, by dashorst

As Wicket Security will not be adopted into core, we'll be changing
the package name and project name going forward. We're still not sure
about the final name, but these two are the runners up:

  • Chitin
  • Wicket Keeper

Both are nice names, and both have their pros and cons. Let us know
which one you prefer.

Furthermore we'll be adding new annotations such that you'll be able
to authorize your pages using a Java class (for the principal) and an
annotation on your page to specify which principals are required. This
will eliminate the need for the policy files.

These changes will come in the first 1.5 milestone release.

Future milestones

  • Support for Wicket 1.5
  • A new home
  • Deployment to maven central instead of wicketstuff repo

We expect to release the first milestone in a week or so. The final 1.5 release will occur some time after Wicket 1.5 has been finalized.