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Apache Wicket Cookbook Chapter 12 is now available!

12 April 2011, by ivaynberg

When I was recently done writing the Apache Wicket Cookbook it was about double the size the publisher wanted it with regard to the page count. We have spent a good deal of time trying to shorten the book without removing anything useful, but in the end some content had to go. I have mostly removed beginner-level recipes from all the chapters, but it was not enough. As the last resort, we decided to cut one of the chapters and make it available online instead. The chapter I put up for the cutting block was a chapter on general patterns, it contains a collection of useful recipes that have no central theme.

Today, a question came up on the mailing list about managing page titles. This becomes increasingly complex if there are multiple components that need to contribute to the page title. For example, in a application where some navigation happens via panel-swapping it would make sense for both the page and the panels to contribute to the final title displayed. This reminded me of the chapter I cut, it contains a recipe on how to do this in a clean and extensible way.

So, without further ado, here is the link to Chapter 12: General Wicket Patterns. This chapter did not get the final polish of the other chapters in the book, such as my sloppy hand-drawn diagrams being redrawn into neat professional illustrations, and my grammar corrected by people who think its fun to point out mistakes likes that at parties - but the most important thing, the content, is still there for you to enjoy.