Wicket in Action

QWickie — Apache Wicket Eclipse Plugin

14 June 2011, by dashorst

Eclipse users have been at a disadvantage for Apache Wicket development when compared to Netbeans or IntelliJ IDEA users. For those IDEs some nice integration plugins exist for web development using Wicket.

I just discovered QWickie, a plugin for Eclipse, which has the following features:

  • Navigate from java code elements to the corresponding html element via wicket:id
  • Show the corresponding html fragment from the java code element
  • Show the wicket:id line in the html file on mouse over
  • Rename HTML when renaming a wicketized java file (supertype Component)
  • Find html files in other locations
  • Jump to properties files
  • Jump to xml files
  • Support for other wicket namespaces
  • Wizard for new wicket pages
  • Code assist for wicket:id (Ctrl-1) in Wicket Java files. e.g. new Label("<press Ctrl-1>")

Be aware that this plugin is still 0.0.4, so use at your own risk!