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JFrog wins Duke's Choice Award with Artifactory

20 October 2011, by dashorst

Congratulations are in order for JFrog who won a Duke's Choice 2011 Award for their Maven repository manager Artifactory—coincidentally powered by Apache Wicket.

The award winner's page at the Oracle website writes:

Innovative Tool for Developers

JFrog JFrog's Artifactory is the world's first binary repository manager. Built with the Content Repository API for Java (JCR) specification, it is helping change the way developers build and manage software modules by delivering high concurrency and unmatched data integrity.

At my day job we use Artifactory as our repository manager and it works quite well. Since a year or so we don't have any qualms with it and it just runs wonderfully. We also tried to install Nexus but found that way too complex to setup (with Artifactory we didn't even need to read a installation manual). As a user of Artifactory I say the award is well deserved!

Congratulations to all the hard working folks at JFrog!