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What’s new in fiftyfive-wicket 3.1

07 December 2011, by dashorst

San Francisco startup 55 minutes has created a Maven quickstart archetype that bundles quite some functionality in one powerful package:

  • Compass and Sass stylesheets
  • Shortcut methods for frequently used idioms
  • Handy components such as pluralized labels for http://www.phpaide.com/?langue=fr numeric data, and a label for truncating long text with an ellipsis
  • Testing tools for validating HTML 5 and XHTML markup
  • Apache Shiro (a security framework) out of the box
  • JavaScript capabilities for dependencies and merging

Very interesting project. Read more about their 3.1 release of fiftyfive-wicket here: What’s new in fiftyfive-wicket 3.1 – 55 Minutes Blog.