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Wicket at ApacheCon 2014: Croquet

09 March 2014, by dashorst

Due to an unfortunate scheduling conflict I'm unable to attend ApacheCon 2014 in North America, but
it appears that ApacheCon isn't bereft of a Wicket attendance: William Speirs is presenting his
Wicket, Jetty, Hibernate and Guice framework called "Croquet"

Croquet is a framework that combines Apache Wicket, Jetty, Hibernate, and Google’s Guice into a high-performance ops-friends web framework. Croquet is to Wicket as DropWizard is to Jersey.

When creating a website with Wicket, Jetty is often used for serving HTTP, Hibernate for interacting with databases, and Google’s Guice for dependency injection. Getting all of these components to run together properly is non-trivial and often repeated by each project. Croquet solves this problem by doing all of the hard work involved in tying these projects together, making it easier for developers to get a Wicket site up and running.

A brief introduction to each component, how the various pieces are tied together, and a walk through of creating a new Wicket site in Croquet will be covered in this presentation. Finally, the code for Croquet will be open sourced at the end of the presentation.

I'd love to be there...