Wicket in Action

We have done our best to make a lot of information freely available. Here you can download sample chapters and the accompanying code so you don't have to type in all the examples yourself.

Free content

To make your decision whether or not to buy Wicket in Action a little more easier we've provided some sample chapters for you to peruse. If you like these chapters, then there are 12 more waiting for your attention. Save the following links to get the sample chapters:


Most of the source code in this book is part of a Google Code project you can find at http://code.google.com/p/wicketinaction/, and which is ASF 2.0 licensed.

We aimed for a smooth narrative by employing an evolving example throughout the chapters. We hope the examples, which talk about a cheese store, aren’t too far fetched; we tried to make the book fun for you to read while addressing the technical nuances we had in mind.

The downloadable source code is structured in packages that reflect the chapters so that you can easily play with the code while reading the book. Trying things for yourself is a great way to learn technology.

The code in this book is pretty much printed as is, with the exception of the imports that are needed to compile the code. You can find those imports in the Google Code project, although in most cases asking your IDE to autocomplete them for you should work fine.